I am an art collector, that is to say that I mostly collect comic book art. This includes the original artwork for published, and unpublished pieces, as well as having commissioned art to my specific desires. Many of these are mock covers for fan fiction that I write (see Secret Invasion 2, Mankind's History"

Years ago I used to buy, sell, and trade autographed items at conventions, like DragonCon, Atlanta, and on eBay (seller Name OmniversalTrader). I did extremely well and had thousands of satisfied customers. Then 2008 happened and, yeah, that happened. I used to attend movie premieres where the stars would be present and amenable to signing for me (it helped that I made donations in their name to charities of their choice, even if that charity began at home). I was a member of the Universal Autograph Collector's Club (UACC), a prestigious group of philographists dedicated to the study and the art. When 2008 sucked the financial life out of my business, like so many others, did not survive.

I still attend conventions to get a small batch of autographs, all inscribed to me to prevent me from ever wanting to sell them, as well as original art for my collection.

One of my most prized item is my Wolverine Sketchbook. It contains all original art commissioned from some of the best known artists in the business.